Poem on the Creation Story

Author’s Note: This poem/rap was written in 2005 for a school assignment. It is meant to be “rapped” with a basic beat. It encompasses the Seven Days of Creation, as told in Genesis 1 & 2: 1-4. Also, I apologize, but this blog’s format is not very conducive to poetry. So, the first stanza is on this post, but the remainder of the poem can be found in the Word Document below.

Creation Story Rap

In the beginning, the earth was an abyss

Then, the Lord Creator declared this:

“Hey!” He said, “Let there be light!

It was called “day”, and darkness “night”

God called it good, a great sensation,

Thus this was the first day of creation….

For the rest of the rap/poem, please click here: Creation Story Rap

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