Poem on Salvation History

Author’s Note: Because this blog’s formatting is not very conducive to poetry, I’m going to start posting the first couple of lines, just to get you interested, and then attach the Word Document to the post. Sorry if there’s any inconvenience, but this is the only solution I could figure out. If you know of a better way to post poetry on these types of blogs, please let me know. But, anyway, this poem/rap was written in 2005 as a “summary” of salvation history and the various covenants God made with humanity. Each covenant is noted with its respective sign and form. Enjoy!

Salvation History Rap

On the sixth day of creation,
God produced Man, his greatest sensation.
He made Man from the soil of the ground,
And gave him dominion over life around.
But man sinned against God, this He knew,
So he told Adam and Eve what He’d do.
“The woman and snake, I will make you foes.
You’ll strike at his head, while he strikes at your toes.”
The Protoevangelium, that’s what it is.
Found in the third chapter of Genesis.

Marriage the form, the Sabbath the sign.
Thus a covenant God made for all time…

To read the rest, click here: 1-Salvation History Rap

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