Meditation on the Transforming Love of Christ

Author’s Note: This meditation was written in 2004 — so I wrote it when I was very young. So, it’s very cheesy (think the story of the “Three Little Trees”), because it is told from the point-of-view of an ugly rock, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. So, imagine the ugliest rock among a bed of normal rocks…

A Meditation on the Ugly Rock and the Transforming Love of Christ

Can’t you see me here? Yes, that’s me – the ugly rock. Black, dirty, and coarse. I lie here on this road of rocks, beside others far smoother, cleaner, and more beautiful than me. Oftentimes a wealthy man will find a good rock and keep it for good luck. But not me – I’m the ugly rock.

Do you see that man there? He’s the King, the Good King. Never a rock has he found – “O Good King, have you come to find a rock today?”

“Yes, I have,” He tells me. “I have come to find YOU!”

“Oh, but me, sir? I am lowlier than the grass. I am rock not fit for a Good King like You!”

“No, my gem. I will raise you up and hold you close to my heart for eternity.”

“Gem? Why I am no gem, my Noble and Good King.”

He picks me up with His warm hands, and holds me close to His Heart. “O my gem, you only need to be removed of your coating.”

I can feel it all – His hands squeeze me tight. The pressure is immense, and I feel so contained, so pressed in. I am afraid; in pain; unsure.

But He is holding me. So, I should not fear. I should not worry. For I am in the hands of the King.

The pressure fades away, and the Good King’s gentle, warm hands lift me. O, how they lift me up! My ugliness is now gone – the coarse dirt has fallen away.

“There, my gem,” He tells me, “You now sparkle as the diamond that you are! Now, I shall hold you close to My Heart forever.”

I can feel His Heart beat. I can hear Him say: “My gem! I have found you!” O, how wondrous it is to be held by the King!

“Now, my gem – my precious stone – I will take you to My Eternal Kingdom, where you shall be with Me.”

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