Humorous Things

Blessed Are Those Who Make People Laugh, For They Shall Be Called “Children Of St. Lawrence”

In the event that you would like some humorous ways with which to fill it – as meditations and the like can be very serious – here are a few things to make your hours brighter, happier, and louder with laughter (hopefully).


  • Want to make your day instantly better? Check out this article from Buzzfeed. Warning, humorous picture ahoy!
  • A few moments from my favorite character on one of my favorite shows, The Office (U.S. version). It’s gone downhill in the last few seasons, but Creed has always delivered.
  • I have a very hilarious, pun-loving friend named Robert. His Facebook status updates are the best! I have shared a few of them below. All credit goes to him on these jokes.
  • I had Alicia Keys and Jay-Z over for some barbecue today. Unfortunately, some prankster must have turned the gas up way high before we stepped out there, because the whole grill was engulfed in flame. All I had to do was go inside and get the extinguisher. There was no need to freak out and make the neighbors look over. But of course, Alicia has to yell at the top of her lungs, “THIS GRILL IS ON FIIIRRREEE!” I was mad at Jay for a different reason. It’s like he wouldn’t have cared if the house had caught fire. He just stands there watching me while I’m tearing apart the kitchen, trying to find the extinguisher, saying, “If you’re having grill problems, I feel bad for you, son.” When I mentioned Alicia Keys and Jay-Z in the same sentence, you thought I was going to make an “Empire State of Mind” pun, didn’t you? Well, that was what is called a “red herring.”
  • I’m going to start drive-by compliments. “EXCUSE ME! SIR! YOUR HEADBAND IS AWESOME! I SEE YOU RUNNING A LOT – LOVE THE DEDICATION. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.” Vroooomm. Didn’t even see it coming.
  • If Narcissus tweeted, it’d be something like, “Before I came into your life, you missed me so bad.” Medusa’s would be something like, “It’s hard to look right at me, baby.”
  • I’m haphazardly doing laundry while listening to Flo Rida and reading Charlotte Bronte. Make me throw my Janes in the Eyre.
  • And, in case all that isn’t enough, here’s a GIF that any fan of basketball, dancing, or life in general will appreciate:


If I find any more items, I will certainly post them here. In the meantime, if you have anything you think should be on this page, please let me know. I hope something on here made you laugh! God Bless +CHS

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