Poem for My Married Friends

Author’s Note: Written in Summer 2013 as a wedding present for my friend and her new husband.

Poem for My Married Friends

My prayer for you, dear friends, is this:
That you may share in wedded bliss
While holding fast to Faith and Love,
Sharing below the Lord above.
Through trials and blessings the same,
May you ne’er fail to call His Name
While loving your companion true
In all struggles, both old and new.
I pray that this new family
Should be like God–The One And Three,
Who Is and Was and Is To Be–
In knowledge, love, and kind duty.
The Psalmist’s words, for you I pray:
“May they guard you in all your ways.”

Poem on St. Catherine of Siena

“To set the world on fire,

The soul rising up to God

Needs to proclaim the Lord’s Truth,

And not be silent through fear.

Without God’s great endurance,

Nothing worthy can be done.

For Love as Virtue is fire—

Hungered for, nourishing life—

To work the wonders of God

Among His priceless people.

God’s all comes from Virtue Love

To save us through His Certain,

Victorious Forgiveness.

Love Uncreated prospers

In Man’s Soul; the Soul, In Him.

For His Beloved Servants,

Every place is the right place;

And every time, the right time

To give such pleasing wisdom,

To see the Life of His Grace,

And lean against Christ Crossèd.

Father, give these Souls Yourself;

Let them be whom You Have Made

So they may set all ablaze.”

All these were her prayers and words

For her beloved brethren;

To the Heavenly Bridegroom,

And His weak but chosen Bride.

Her faith staved off the maelstrom,

Her hope kept the sails aloft,

Her love helped preserve His Ship.

O Lovely Caterina,

Always pray for us, His Ship;

By the Angels’ Orchestra,

His Saints’ Heavenly Chorus,

And Our Church’s Passing Song—

May your name be ever blest.

Lord, may it be so. Amen.

—In May Two-Thousand Thirteen

Poem on the Desert

Author’s Note: This poem was written in 2012, and is dedicated to my friend Brittany. The poem tries to keep much of the atmosphere and themes of Jesus’ temptation in the desert, as found in the Gospel of Luke. It is titled “Eight,” because of its eight lines.


A man into the desert went

The stars have often claimed

He would not stop till he was through

He sought to find his name


The brambles and the serpentines

Tore at his ankle’s bone

But not until the mountain top

His en’my, he was shown

Poem on Elijah & the Divine Heralds

Author’s Note: This poem was written in 2011, and is based on Elijah’s visit to Mount Horeb in 1 Kings 19. Again, only the first two stanzas are on the site. For the rest of the poem, please see the Word Document.

The Divine Heralds

I fell asleep in a church once.

The sanctuary was a cave—dark and dense with prayers.

The rosemary incense was my anesthesia,

And the chanting was my lullaby…

~        ~        ~

I dreamt I was in a cave,

And I was the prophet Elijah—

In the sanctuary, the very womb, of Horeb,

The Mountain of the LORD…

The rest of the poem is here: Divine Heralds

Poem on Salvation History

Author’s Note: Because this blog’s formatting is not very conducive to poetry, I’m going to start posting the first couple of lines, just to get you interested, and then attach the Word Document to the post. Sorry if there’s any inconvenience, but this is the only solution I could figure out. If you know of a better way to post poetry on these types of blogs, please let me know. But, anyway, this poem/rap was written in 2005 as a “summary” of salvation history and the various covenants God made with humanity. Each covenant is noted with its respective sign and form. Enjoy!

Salvation History Rap

On the sixth day of creation,
God produced Man, his greatest sensation.
He made Man from the soil of the ground,
And gave him dominion over life around.
But man sinned against God, this He knew,
So he told Adam and Eve what He’d do.
“The woman and snake, I will make you foes.
You’ll strike at his head, while he strikes at your toes.”
The Protoevangelium, that’s what it is.
Found in the third chapter of Genesis.

Marriage the form, the Sabbath the sign.
Thus a covenant God made for all time…

To read the rest, click here: 1-Salvation History Rap

Poem on the Creation Story

Author’s Note: This poem/rap was written in 2005 for a school assignment. It is meant to be “rapped” with a basic beat. It encompasses the Seven Days of Creation, as told in Genesis 1 & 2: 1-4. Also, I apologize, but this blog’s format is not very conducive to poetry. So, the first stanza is on this post, but the remainder of the poem can be found in the Word Document below.

Creation Story Rap

In the beginning, the earth was an abyss

Then, the Lord Creator declared this:

“Hey!” He said, “Let there be light!

It was called “day”, and darkness “night”

God called it good, a great sensation,

Thus this was the first day of creation….

For the rest of the rap/poem, please click here: Creation Story Rap

Poem on Fr. Emil Kapaun

Fr. Kapaun says Mass for soldiers on a battlefield in Korea.

Author’s Note: This poem was written in 2008 or 2009 to honor Fr. Emil Kapaun, an Army chaplain during WWII and the Korean War. He died in a prisoner-of-war camp in China, after spending months praying with and ministering to his fellow soldiers. He was from the Diocese of Wichita, and he has been honored with the title “Servant of God.” His cause for beautification has been submitted to the Holy See in Rome. For more information on Fr. Kapaun’s life, please visit www.frkapaun.org . Also, I apologize but this blog is not very conducive to poetry.

A Man of God

He was a farm boy

Born on Holy Thursday

Raised on Pilsen prairie

Always looking up to God

He was an altar boy

Who strove to be perfect

And practiced whenever he could

Always looking up to God

He was a good student

With an agile mind and memory

Constantly challenging himself

Always looking up to God

He was a classmate

Who loved to fish and play

Had a lively wit and good humor

And was always looking up to God

He was a seminarian

With a special devotion to Mary

Sometimes doubting his call

But always looking up to God

He was a friend

Who loved to play a harmless joke

Wrote humorous letters when he could

While always looking up to God

He was a priest forever

In the line of Melchizedek

Ordained June 9, 1940

While looking up to God

He was a young pastor

Playing with the children

Dressing as a “cowboy priest”

Always looking up to God

He was an auxiliary chaplain

Writing letters to those in service

Gathering the wandering sheep

Always looking up to God

He was an obedient servant

Who did the will of his bishop

But also wanted the best for his men

Always looking up to God

He was military chaplain

Driving thousands of miles

To say Mass for the troops in India

While always looking up to God

He was a university student

Working toward a master’s degree

Anxious to lead others to salvation

While always looking up to God

He was an Army chaplain

Serving on the front lines in Korea

Guiding his brothers in their fight

Always looking up to God

He was a leader

That could have fled to safety

But instead stayed behind to help his men

While always looking up to God

He was a shepherd

Who prayed with his men when he could

And always had a smile on his face

While always looking up to God

He was a prisoner of war

Who stole food and washed clothing

To provide for the suffering troops

While always looking up to God

He was a man of God

Who forgave his captors

And loved his men to the end

While always looking up to God

He is Chaplain Emil Kapaun

A martyr and a saint

And even now, he is

Always looking up to God