Poem on St. Catherine of Siena

“To set the world on fire,

The soul rising up to God

Needs to proclaim the Lord’s Truth,

And not be silent through fear.

Without God’s great endurance,

Nothing worthy can be done.

For Love as Virtue is fire—

Hungered for, nourishing life—

To work the wonders of God

Among His priceless people.

God’s all comes from Virtue Love

To save us through His Certain,

Victorious Forgiveness.

Love Uncreated prospers

In Man’s Soul; the Soul, In Him.

For His Beloved Servants,

Every place is the right place;

And every time, the right time

To give such pleasing wisdom,

To see the Life of His Grace,

And lean against Christ Crossèd.

Father, give these Souls Yourself;

Let them be whom You Have Made

So they may set all ablaze.”

All these were her prayers and words

For her beloved brethren;

To the Heavenly Bridegroom,

And His weak but chosen Bride.

Her faith staved off the maelstrom,

Her hope kept the sails aloft,

Her love helped preserve His Ship.

O Lovely Caterina,

Always pray for us, His Ship;

By the Angels’ Orchestra,

His Saints’ Heavenly Chorus,

And Our Church’s Passing Song—

May your name be ever blest.

Lord, may it be so. Amen.

—In May Two-Thousand Thirteen

VideoStory: “Religious Life on the Hill”

Religious Life on the Hill

Author’s Note: This is a two-part series was written and produced for the University of Kansas’ campus TV station, KUJH-TV News, in 2011.

Part 1: Ruth Kueffler

University of Kansas senior Ruth Kueffler, a viola performance major from Lawrence, is living with a local religious community, The Apostles of the Interior Life. She is still going to school at KU while she is trying to decide if religious life is right for her. After her December graduation, Kueffler will move to Italy for five years to join the Apostles of the Interior Life as a permanent member. She says, that while she has been living and praying with these religious sisters, she has experienced a peace and joy that she has never felt before.

Part Two: Kalin Holthaus

Kalin Holthaus, a University of Kansas 2011 graduate from Axtell, Kan., works part-time at the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center. She is also trying to decide if she is called to be a member of the Apostles of the Interior Life, a religious community that ministers at the St. Lawrence Center. Holthaus says that her degree from KU in microbiology helped her decide God was calling her to religious life.

UPDATE: Kueffler is living with the Apostles in the House of Formation (the Motherhouse) in Rome. She is in her second year of study there. Holthaus is living with the Apostles at their location at Texas A&M University in College Station.

For more information on the Apostles of the Interior Life, you can visit their website.